About MYHockey Tournaments

Mission Statement

It is our goal at MYHockey Tournaments to provide the most rewarding tournament experience possible. We offer multiple playing dates for all classifications in attractive locations, to bring the best matched competition together, while not forgetting that the ultimate goal is fun. Tournament sites and team hotels are chosen to enhance your team's performance on the ice and to provide a wealth of off-ice opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Our staff is committed to providing all tournament guests with excellent customer service prior to and during each of our events.

Key Personnel:

Jim Babin - President

Jim Babin has been organizing youth hockey tournaments since 1999 and founded MYHockey Tournaments in 2011. Going back to the beginning, Jim has formed divisions, set match-ups and created schedules for over 1000 separate tournaments. He has extensive experience working with teams and organizations of all levels and will continue to provide overall guidence for MYHockey Tournaments.

Jon Oppenheimer - Hotel Director

Jon has worked with MYHockey Tournaments since 2011 and joined us full time in 2016. He is responsible for maintaining our hotel relationships.

Chris Field - Tournament Director

Chris Field has been organizing tournaments since 2004 and was a founding member of MYHockey Tournaments in 2011. He is the main contact for teams playing in our Midwest locations: Chicago, Holland, Charlotte, Coral Springs/Miami, Minneapolis and Madison. As the day to day contact for team representatives, Chris understands the issues which often arise for coaches, managers and parents and will respond quickly and effectively to those issues.

Tim Regan - Tournament Director

Tim Regan has been organizing tournaments since 2008 and was a founding member of MYHockey Tournaments in 2011. He is the main contact for teams playing in our Eastern locations: Pittsburgh, Rochester, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Tampa and Charleston. As the day to day contact for team representatives, Tim's lengthy experience in the tournament business means he is prepared to help teams prepare for our east coast events.

Patty Babin - Vice President, Finance

Patty's work is primarily "behind the scenes" but her contributions to a successful tournament are immeasurable. She works with team contacts on discount programs and payments and with referee schedulers, rink managers and other vendors to be certain that all tournaments functions are operational when your team arrives for its first game.

Neil Lodin - IT Director

Neil is the founder of MYHockey and works with volunteers across North America to prepare and provide accurate and complete rankings for thousands of teams. Neil is responsible for MYHockey Tournaments IT functions and will continue to work on further developments and improvements to the MYHockey website.

Amy O'Neal - Customer Service Specialist - Hotel Accommodations

Amy has been with MYHockey Tournaments since 2012. Her responsibilities include providing customer service for our guests regarding their hotel accommodations. She continues to act as an on-site tournament supervisor in Nashville, Chicago and Charlotte. Prior to joining MYHockey Tournaments, Amy was with Sony Music and she has been active as a division coordinator for the Southern Youth Hockey League.