MYHockey Tournaments Contact Information

Mailing Address:

MYHockey Tournaments LLC
3023 N Clark Street, Suite #900
Chicago, IL 60657

General Information and Inquiries - Toll Free in the US and Canada

Phone: 855-898-4040
FAX: 773-541-8953

Customer Service for Chicago, Holland, Minneapolis and Madison Tournaments:

Chris Field
Phone: Toll Free 855-898-4040 ext. 302
Direct Dial: 847-277-7343

Customer Service for Pittsburgh, Rochester, Philadelphia, Washington DC Tournaments:

Tim Regan
Phone: Toll Free 855-898-4040 ext. 304
Direct Dial: 773-269-6552

Customer Service for Charlotte, Charleston and Tampa Tournaments:

Rich Hansen
Phone: Toll Free 855-898-4040 ext. 404
Direct Dial: 773-253-5244

Customer Service for Hotel Arrangements:

Amy O'Neal
Phone: Toll Free 855-898-4040 ext. 403
Direct Dial: 773-269-6554

Website & Technical Issues:

Neil Lodin

To bring a MYHockey Tournament to your Arena or for Hotel Partners:

Jon Oppenheimer
Phone: 773-269-6551